Delivery and Return Policy

Bangladesh Pleasure owns a set of delivery and return policies that must be taken into consideration by one and all. Customers who want to buy products from our store should be aware of all the steps we execute for delivering orders, returning products and taking payments.

We Sell Products Overseas

Bangladesh Pleasure sends out orders not only throughout Bangladesh but overseas as wellThe minimum time period to deliver products overseas is 7 to 10 business days. Whatever we order, we keep it confidential in standard boxes containing no details.

Our Order Delivery Payment Policies

As far as accepting payments in Bangladesh is concerned, we have options like Debit Card, Credit Card and more. Besides, one can pay online through international gateway.

Stay Updated with your Shipment Details

For ordering any product here at Bangladesh Pleasure, you can always call us on ---------------------- or mail us at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can visit and directly place the order.

Customers are welcomed to update details regarding pin code, mobile number, order number or payment. Just after your postal address and payment receipt are accepted, the order will be processed.

All orders are shipped through reputed courier services in accordance with the customer’s address.

Report within 48 hours for a Wrong Product

A maximum of 48 hours will be given to report in case one receives a wrong or inappropriate product. However, if one fails to inform within this time period, it would lead to cancellation of the request order.

We Replace Products and Do Not Refund

If any inappropriate or wrong product has been delivered, the customer can always send a request for returning a product through an email or call. However, no request for money refund will be accepted.

Damage by the user not to be Considered

If one receives an order unharmed but later he/she damages it accidentally, no return request in such cases will be accepted. Bangladesh Pleasure, therefore, will not be answerable.