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How did Our Journey of Pleasure Begin?

With a wise idea to take sexual wellness to the next level, Bangladeshpleasure stepped in 2019. Factually, we are the first online sex toys store in Bangladesh with top-quality adult products for men, women, and couples. Reaching out to people by offering adult sex toys in Bangladesh was a big question for us. But we never receded but proceeded with confidence and optimism.

However, it was not luck, but our effort, determination, and positive mindset let us cover three long years with adult sex toys in Bangladesh. Although we received slow responses throughout 2021, we gained momentum in no time. Today, we have reached almost every corner of Bangladesh by making people achieve what they want. So, if you have plans to purchase sex toys in Dhaka online, we are always there. 


Why shall I Buy Adult Sex Toys in Bangladesh?

Bangladeshpleasure keep people happy and safe in bed, and adult toys in Dhaka are the best solution. As the name of our online sex toys store in Dhaka suggests, we want to let people live a life of pleasure. We say what we mean, and this is how we have won the hearts of thousands in such a short period by providing a massive variety of adult sex toys in Bangladesh.


Let’s find out why we are the best in providing adult sex toys in Bangladesh:


We Assure Top Quality

Quality has never been a question for our adult sex toys Bangladesh. Our products are always safe for the skin and create no problems for the private parts of the body. Whether it is product material or effectiveness, we make sure quality is no issue for our adult sex toys in Bangladesh. Our sex toys in Dhaka, like silicone, TPR, and glass, have the most extensive use. 


We have a Massive Range

Our online sex toys store in Dhaka has around 1300 products. These encompass all genders, be they male or female single or couple. Even we have an excellent range of sex accessories and sex toys Dhaka that plays a crucial role in lending your sex life a big boost. 


We Offer the Best Prices

Our online sex toys store in Dhaka never charges anything unlawful. We keep our product prices economical so people can afford these without complications. Moreover, we help people buy sex toys in Dhaka within their budget. Hence, the affording factor is essential from our end. 


We allow you to Shop Easily

Our online sex toys store will be the happiest if you can approach us and shop with a smile. We would serve you through any medium, whether through call, email, or WhatsApp. You can always provide us with which product you want to purchase from our online sex toy shop. Once done, we will deliver to you on time at your doorstep.


We have Multiple Payment Modes

Wherever you shop, you worry about the safety of the payment process. But when it comes to shopping here at Bangladeshpleasure, you don’t need to worry anymore. We have all sorts of payment gateways that would never land you in a pool of worries. Instead, you can pay cash on delivery, which means you can pay only after getting your order at your address.

Besides, we have multiple modes of payment, like debit/credit card, that allows you to pay online from anywhere in India you want. More secure payment modes like Phonepe, G-pay, Paytm, Payumoney, etc., are also available for hassle-free payments. While placing your order, you can proceed with the suitable mode of payment and get the order in the quickest possible time.


Top Trending Sex Toys in Bangladesh

In this current era, our online sex toys store in Dhaka deals with such products that would bring happiness in volumes to one’s bedroom. So, here we present some incredible adult toys in Bangladesh that are making people crazy like anything.


Let’s take a sneak peek:


Rabbit Vibrator

Do you want to play with rabbit vibrators? Girls never leave any opportunity to play with these sensational adult toys in Dhaka. These vibrators stir the clit, making them perfect for female solo sessions. Popular among female adult sex toys in Bangladesh, these vibrators are incredible for girls of all ages.

There are several reasons why rabbit vibrators are so high in demand among sex toys Dhaka. Be it their shaft or their vibrating power, the rabbit vibrator will never cease to allure women.

Top Features of a Rabbit Vibrator
  • Dual stimulation
  • Delivers stronger vibrations
  • Assures quicker orgasms
  • It makes no loud sound


Vibrating Panty

Feel the heat and go orgasmic by wearing the vibrating panty. It is an excellent accessory for making women erotic on the go. There is nothing to worry about if you choose to wear it for a long time. These sex toys for women in Bangladesh are gaining popularity. As it comes with a built-in motor, it leads to incredible sensations with the help of a remote control.

Top Features of Vibrating Panty
  • It feels like normal underwear
  • Enables vibrations on the clitoris
  • Hassle-free to wear
  • Discreet enjoyment



Wearing a strap-on is fun, believe it or not. These couple sex toys in Bangladesh give partners the craziest fun inside their bedrooms. The most entertaining thing about this erotic accessory is that it comes with a harness and a dildo. To be precise, partners can use it turn by turn. A splendid variety of strap-ons will be available at our online sex toys store.

Top Features of Strap-on
  • Great for couples of the same sex
  • Useful for men with a lack of erection
  • Easy to use
  • New penetrating style


Realistic Vibrator

Realistic things bring lifelike experiences. The vibrating dildo in Bangladesh intensifies penetration to a great extent. Women use these mostly due to the simple features and solid vibrating motor. The shape of this toy is also very realistic, like the male penis. You can now order and buy these sex toys for women in Bangladesh from our store.

Top Features of a Realistic Vibrator
  • It looks like a real penis
  • Easy to insert
  • Hassle-free to use 
  • Flexible controls 


G-spot Vibrator

If touching your G-spot has been impossible for you, why not go for our G-spot vibrator among the sex toys in Dhaka? This vibrator is safe to use inside the vagina. These sex toys for women have been popular among women of almost every age group. So, why not buy a vibrating dildo in Dhaka and go limitless in bed?

Top Features of a G-spot Vibrator
  • It lets you touch your G-spot easily.
  • Easy grip
  • Vibrates Strongly
  • Creates orgasm quicker


Sex Machine

If you have ever craved to enjoy a solo with a sex toy, go for a sex machine among the sex toys for women in Dhaka. It’s a fantastic erotic device that would give unending pleasure. These sex toys for women in Bangladesh come with speed settings and customizable intensity. The user can keep taking constant strokes at incredible speed. Now, scream with all you have and sweat like anything.

Top Features of a Sex Machine
  • Customized speed settings
  • Easy to play and operate
  • Continuous stroking
  • Great for foreplays


Big Artificial Vagina

The magic of vaginal penetration is unbeatable. If you are willing to enjoy playing with it, you must try it once. These sex toys for men in Bangladesh are realistic silicone bodies designed to make penetration incredible. Our online sex toys store will bring you a high-quality big artificial vagina at your doorstep.

Top Features of a Big Artificial Vagina
  • Lifelike vagina with a realistic skin tone
  • Inserts deeper with no pressure
  • Pleasurable to penetrate
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Fleshlight Masturbator

The Fleshlight masturbators in Bangladesh are out of the world. These masturbating sex toys for men in Dhaka accurately take the shape of a female vagina. Unless you use it, you will not know what it means to have fun with a pornstar. The next time you are going to search for male sex toys in Bangladesh, a Fleshlight masturbator deserves consideration. You can even buy Fleshlight masturbators in Dhaka from us at low prices.

Top Features of a Fleshlight Masturbator
  • Customized vagina of a pornstar
  • Smooth to penetrate
  • Safe to insert
  • Made of silicone 


Cock Ring

Don’t worry if you think an erection is next to impossible. Our cock rings are real saviours as these sit perfectly around the penis base and make erection fulfilling. One can easily wear a cock ring and experience a quicker erection. Our online sex toy shop in Bangladesh brings a brilliant variety of sex toys for men in Dhaka.

Top Features of a Cock Ring
  • Compact size ring
  • Flexible to wear
  • Stays fixed at the penis base
  • Safe to use


Inflatable Love Doll

If you don’t believe that a sex doll can be raised to the stature of a real girl, take no time to cuddle the inflatable love doll. Our adult sex toys store in Bangladesh comprises lifelike dolls to make men gain more energy in bed. These sex toys for men in Bangladesh are easy to inflate, and you can do it as per their height. Buying a sex doll in Bangladesh is, therefore, a wise investment for horny men. Also, you can place an order for a sex doll in Dhaka, which we will deliver to you at your doorstep.

Top Features of an Inflatable Love Doll
  • A realistic figure of a real girl
  • Premium quality silicone body
  • Easily inflatable without effort
  • Genuine skin complexion


App Control Vibrator

Who said love is incomplete from miles? Our app control vibrator is going to make this impossible task a possible one. These innovative vibrators connect via Bluetooth and require easy installation of an application. It would be fun to play with your partner using remote control in whichever city you are. These sex toys for couple in Bangladesh is worth buying for partners.

Why is the App Control Vibrator Popular?
  • Allows two people to play together 
  • Easy to play
  • Requires Bluetooth support
  • App installation required


BDSM Sex Toys

It’s time to get a bit naughtier and wilder with your partner. Keeping this in mind, we have some exclusive BDSM toys and accessories among the couple sex toys in Bangladesh. These adult sex toys in Bangladesh are both innovative and superior in quality. Adding some BDSM toys and accessories to one’s bedroom will make the session more happening.

Top Features of BDSM Sex Toys
  • Amazing look and quality
  • Huge variety for diverse purposes
  • Superior quality material
  • Safe to use on the skin


Anal Dildo

If you are looking for adult toys in Bangladesh for couples, the anal dildo will deserve consideration. Anal sex is most enjoyable when you do it most safely. So, going for an anal dildo in Bangladesh will make this experience better and safer. Our online sex toys store deals in a variety of anal sex toys and accessories that include everything from anal vibrators and butt plugs to anal beads and more. Buy an anal dildo in Dhaka from our online sex toys store and take your sex life to the peak.

Top Features of an Anal Dildo
  • Assures safety in anal sex
  • Inserts the anal area with ease
  • Perfect for newbies in anal sex
  • Keeps the user at ease during penetration


Enlarger Device for Men

Bangladeshpleasure deals in adult sex toys in Bangladesh for not only pleasure but sexual wellness. The penis enlarger device for men is one product that plays a key role in making the penis size bigger. These sex toys for men in Bangladesh are functional and easy to use. Even while using an enlarger device for men, it raises the penis size by a few inches. Hence, these sex toys for men in Dhaka give pleasure and meet a man’s sexual needs also. 

Top Features of Enlarger Devices for Men
  • Stretches the size of a penis
  • Gives quicker results
  • Harmless for male genitals
  • Easy to use